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Carriers, Bars and Boxes

Whether you're looking for extra luggage storage or a bike carrier for a cross country trip, we can provide a wide range of storage solutions providing additional carrying capacity when you travel.

Our storage units include:

  • Bike/Cycle Carriers
  • Roof Boxes
  • Roof Bars (Commercial)

So how do you decide which bike carrier to buy?

To a large extent this is determined by (A) the number of bikes to be carried, and (B) which bike carriers fit your car. Once you've decided which type(s) to go for, you need to consider style, features and price.

You can fit a tow bar bike carrier to any car that can carry a tow ball, and roof fitting bike carriers to any car with a set of roof bars.

If you are unsure which type of carrier is best for your needs then please call in to see us or contact us today and we will be only too happy to help.



Which Roof Box?

Your roof box should be expected to last for many family holidays and weekends away; it should give many years of solid and reliable service. We don’t stock any of the really, really cheap boxes because there are real doubts about their safety and build quality. We pride ourselves on offering you quality goods at the best price and the last thing we would want is to compromise our standards by stocking inferior products.

Deciding which roof box to buy depends more than anything else on what shape of box you want. The shape you go for should depend on whether you need to leave space on the roof bars for other items (typically bike carriers) and of course whether you have particularly long items to carry, e.g. skis, surfboards, etc.

If you are unsure, we’re here to help so pop in or contact one of the team to discuss your needs.

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